The boundaries between art, craft and design become vaguer and vaguer. Or in other words, innovation is a comprehensive force that integrates the advantages of all possible fields. New creation should be born in this way.
Instead of labeling a section of specific objects, we choose to give them a comprehensive yet open definition.
neooold breaks through the confines of various traditional categories of creation and aims to explore the purest exercise of human skills. It redefines creation as the integration of exquisite craft, refined art and advanced design to show the innovation of traditional crafts in multiple dimensions. Thus, providing a stage for this highly compatible innovation.
neooold is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and tradition. Based on the abundant resource of traditional crafts and materials, it invites the creativity worldwide to inherit and carry forward the essence of life.
Chen Min
Chen Min, a well-known industrial designer and the main founder of neooold Exhibition. He was invited by Loewe Foundation to be one of the expert judges of the "Loewe Craft Award" in 2019. In May 2021, his collaboration artwork with Loewe 'weaves series' is on display at Sotheby's in New York.

Being fluent in seven languages, he is regarded as "the person who understands and comprehends craftsmanship best among international designers". In his opinion, the temperature of handmade crafts can lead back many clues to human civilization, while blindly challenging the difficulty of craftsmanship is simply not the original intention of creation.

Starting from 2020, he curated neooold exhibitions which proposed the merge of "craft, art, design", so to provide platforms for artisans and designers.
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